Hector Romero,  Now Who's Crazy 4/2010      30"x 22" mix media on paper
Hector G. Romero works with many mediums on
both canvas and paper. He is currently living in
his hometown, El Paso TX, where he is teaching
at University of Texas at El Paso. Previously, he
had been painting and drawing in Brooklyn, NY,
for thirteen years and in Queens for two. He
received his MFA at UCLA and afterwards lived in
Los Angeles where he was an integral part of the
band "The Charles Ray Experience" known for
their eclectic sound collage work. His work can
be described as Urban Surrealism, heavily
influenced by both his New York City
environment/experience and more recently by the
arid sparseness of life on the Mexican border.
Hector Romero   How Do You Feel Today? 28”x 25” acrylic/paper 2011
Hector Romero,  Nemo 3/2010 30"x 22" mix media on paper
Hector Romero A Love Supreme, mixed media/paper 30''x 22” 2011
Hector Romero When Will You Come Back? 30''x 22'' pencil/paper 2010
Hector Romero Las Palmas 20/40/60  30”x 22” pencil/paper 2010
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Hector Romero To the Limit 30”x 22” mixed media/paper 2010
Hector Romero Early Raveen 30”x 22” pencil/paper 2010
Hector Romero Shangri La 30”x 22” mixed media/paper 2010
Hector Romero Follow Me 30''x 22'' mixed media/paper 2011
Hector Romero Last Day of September 9/10 pencil/paper 30''x 22'' 2010